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The Association of Wedding Consulting is proud to offer an outstanding program! Our Wedding Consulting Program can lead to a very rewarding career as a professional in your own business, give accreditation to your already existing business, or sharpen your skills to work for an already established firm in the wedding industry.

We have achieved the status of Licensed Career School under the authority of the Texas Workforce Commission. This gives you the reassurance that your training is from a recognized institute of learning and taught with a high level of integrity and knowledge.

The Association of Wedding Consulting, owned and operated by the Association of Certified Wedding Consultants LLC, was created in 2006 with a passion for excellence and to bring forth the desire of others who seek an exciting new career in wedding consulting. To date there are hundreds of wedding consultants throughout the United States and abroad. It is our belief that the Association of Wedding Consulting will promote the integrity and competence within the wedding industry by offering initial training, continuing education and a strong network for newly established consultants, as well as experienced professionals. We feel confident that you will achieve your educational goals as you begin a new phase in your life.

What is a Licensed Career School?

A Licensed Career School is a privately owned institution offering classroom or online training in which students are taught the skills needed to perform a particular job. We have met all of the legal requirements set forth by the Texas Workforce Commission and the Department of Education.

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