A Wedding Consultant not only works with the couple; he or she consults with the family and the entire wedding party. The Wedding Consultant is well trained in all areas of planning in order to assist these people with knowledgeable responses and professionalism.

Complimentary Appointment:
All professional Wedding Consultants should offer a free, no-obligation appointment. During this time, your wedding consultant will discuss the overall vision you have for your wedding and what type of services you will require. A fee will be determined based on the level of involvement.

Etiquette Expertise:
A consultant, through training as well as professional experience, will be able to guide you through the many facets of today’s etiquette. Though the tried and true rules of tradition may still apply, current trends have provided many different and practical interpretations to suit the modern bride.

Time and Detail Management:
The experienced consultant can save a client time and legwork. You are working with a professional, familiar with all phases of the industry and one who can turn the vendor search into a piece of cake! On the day of your wedding, your consultant will provide direction for the ceremony and orchestrate every detail of the reception.

Customized Budget Planning:
Most couples have not had the experience of planning an event of this magnitude. They have no reference point from which to start with regard to the true costs involved in wedding planning. A Wedding Consultant is familiar with the market and current costs of an array of items and services. Your consultant can also help clients stay within a predetermined budget and formulate which portion of it should be applied towards each component of the ceremony and reception.

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